Flash Multinode Video Tour With Lucid Viewer

May 19, 2008

Lucid Viewer lets you make a multinode panoramic video movie.

I had the pleasure of a visit from Bill Meilkle during his world tour, where he showed off the...


Run Machine

Mar 16, 2007

Run Machine is an online cricket simulation that you can play with your mouse. You control the swing of your bat, and you judge the length and pace of each...


Flash VR Object Movie

Dec 2, 2005

This Flash object movie can be dragged just like a QTVR object movie, and it also contains buttons to implement autoplay in either direction and change the...


Animated Flash Panoramas

Jan 8, 2005

Here is an example of how Flash can be used to create panoramas with small looping animations. This technique means you can present panoramas with smaller...


Coffee Protection Society

Oct 24, 2003

I made this for CPS' website for their first album but they took it down after the second album came out - I liked it so I have published it here. Hint;...


Flash Panorama Tutorial

Mar 30, 2003

In this tutorial we'll put together a VR movie that works just like a Quicktime VR movie and lets you drag with the mouse to alter your point of view...

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Sector H

Feb 24, 2003

A simple flash game - destroy the falling bombs before they can knock out your power generators.


Axis Duel

Mar 3, 2002

Test your nerve against the evil computer pilot. This game is based heavily on a 2 player game I liked when I was a kid. This computer opponent is not very...


Dave's Wheel

Feb 18, 2002

Welcome to Dave's Wheel. To play, just enter your name, planet, and give the wheel a spin. Your score will depend on how fast you can spin the wheel and what...


'Nobody's Perfect' Flash Banner

Feb 4, 2002


Revox A77

Jan 9, 2002

A virtual Revox A77