Burning Mountain

Jan 25, 2010

Managed to incorporate in-car footage from a recently acquired suction camera mount and Sony HDR-CX100, which I preferred over the Canon HV20 due to it being much lighter. The Century Reversible wide angle adaptor was attached to this using a 30-58mm step up ring.

The walk to the feature itself is steep at first and on a warm day adds new meaning to the Burning Mountain name. While shooting, storm clouds began to gather to the west which cooled things down and added a little drama to what might have otherwise been some boring shots of some rocks. I experimented with exposing for the sky and balancing the exposure by reducing contrast and adjusting the levels when editing. This was all put together in iMovie.

A kangaroo was kind enough to hop by on cue while I had the CX-100 in smooth slow mode.

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