Run Machine

Mar 16, 2007

Run Machine is an online cricket simulation that you can play with your mouse. You control the swing of your bat, and you judge the length and pace of each delivery. You decide whether to play a classical drive to the boundary, or go for a wild slog for six. With a simple interface, Run Machine provides infinite variety and unlimited fun. There's no preset animations that you see over and over or learning the correct timing of key presses. Unleash the primal desire to hit a projectile with a stick!

How To Play

Select the length of match you want to play from the 'New Game' menu. You can then choose which team will bat first.
If you want to chase a target set by the computer, select 'Simulate', and the 1st inings will be generated automatically.

When you're ready to play, click the mouse button to trigger the bowler.
Move the mouse from left to right to swing the bat.

You can be dismissed either by being bowled or caught - there are no other methods of dismissal.

You can change the field settings by simply clicking and dragging a fieldsman to the desired position.
You cannot move the bowler or wicketkeeper.

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