Dave's Wheel

Feb 18, 2002

Welcome to Dave's Wheel. To play, just enter your name, planet, and give the wheel a spin. Your score will depend on how fast you can spin the wheel and what number comes up.

To get a fast spin, hold down the mouse button and drag it sideways as far as you can as quickly as you can. Just give it a good flick.

This movie works by sending out all its variables at the end of the wheelspin using the 'loadVariables' action. To use 'loadVariables' to send variables to a server-side script, specify the location of the script, the flash timeline where the variables are located, and specify whether to use "POST" or "GET". If the variables are on the main timeline, type "0" for level 0. If the variables are in a specific movie clip you can specify it by name. Using "POST" will send out the value of every variable on the timeline in the form 'variable1=value1&variable2=value2&...' etc. It is then very easy for a perl script to parse all that and throw it into a hash.The perl script then records all the details in a text file database. A script can then be used to read through the database and display the Dave's Wheel Hall Of Fame.

If you want, you can do a search;

Users are able to search for their results safe in the knowledge that their efforts have been recorded in an endless pile of meaningless information.

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