Hotspots Trigger Flash Actions

Feb 9, 2002

This movie is a demo of using wiring so that Quicktime VR hotspots can be used to trigger actions in Flash.

In order to gain access to the door, you have to move around the rest of the corridor where you will see different coloured hotspots on the walls. Click each of these hotspots in the correct sequence, and the door will become unlocked. It's not a particularly challenging puzzle - it just forces you to go to each and every node (if you want to find out what's behind the door...).

The method used in this movie is the 'FlashTrackDoButtonAction' command in VRHotwires. When a VR hotspot is clicked, this command targets a specific button in the Flash track, and executes any actions attached to that button. In this case, these buttons are invisible buttons placed off screen. This provides a useful way to execute any Flash action required in response to a Quicktime mouse event.

Please note that the above movie is broken if you have Quicktime 7.3 or later installed.

Credit for the 3d models must go to Baumgarten Enterprises.

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