Quicktime Update - The End Has Come

Jan 30, 2008

If you have updated Quicktime recently and are running version 7.3.1 or later, you will find that much of the content on this site no longer works - in fact it will appear in your web browser something like this;

which is not really surprising seeing as Flash can now deliver VR content on its own without needing Quicktime at all, and with the dominance of YouTube Flash has become the standard for delivering interactive video on the web. Quicktime has instead become the backbone for Apple to deliver traditional linear video in high quality.

The reason for killing Flash support in Quicktime is that is a security vector;

"Multiple vulnerabilities exist in QuickTime's Flash media handler, the most serious of which may lead to arbitrary code execution. With this update, the Flash media handler in QuickTime is disabled except for a limited number of existing QuickTime movies that are known to be safe. Credit to Tom Ferris of Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET), Mike Price of McAfee Avert Labs, and security researchers Lionel d'Hauenens & Brian Mariani of Syseclabs for reporting this issue."

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